Secure your journey and adopt safe way.

An illegal step can also lead to human trafficking.

An illegal step can make you lose your grounds.

An illegal step can’t take you towards your destination but will lead your future towards darkness.

Don’t take an illegal step and take care of your life and belongings on your own.

For more details on making your journey safe/secure.

Do not take a wrong decision at the call of others.

Know about the opportunities while living in your own country.

Don’t risk your life and go to a place you don’t know about.

Despite hard struggle and giving a heavy amount of money.

An illegal step can put you into such difficulties that you did not even imagine.

Find out all the information to travel abroad from this website.

Zeeshan’s nightmare journey: swindled, force-marched, tortured, exploited, jailed, deported. Years lost and back where he started.

Illegal migration not only becomes cause of physical exploitation.

If you want to travel abroad through a travel agent or promoter.

If you want to travel abroad for living, excursion, or work.

Illegal migration is not just a crime.

Always make such decisions in life that can improve your future.

Some travel agents take a huge amount of money and exploit you financially.

Following the words of my friends, I took this illegal step.

Fahad adopted an illegal way to travel abroad without the consent of his parents.

A journey leading to an unknown destination.

A wrong decision, Loss of one’s identity.

Choose legal ways to travel, Secure your future.

Get as much information as you can about your destination country.

An illegal step, lifetime grief for a mother.

The story of Mr. Iftikhar who traveled abroad through travel agents.

Astonishing facts about deportation.

Avoid illegal migration and migrate legally.