Every year thousands of Pakistanis risk their lives and attempt to emigrate illegally in search of better job opportunities and livelihoods. It has become so common, we have a name for it: dunkey lagaana.

But things have changed. The realities of migrants’ experiences are often far from what they hoped for when they paid very large sums to people smugglers and started their journeys.

Thousands are killed trying to make dangerous crossings. Others are abused and exploited on their journeys, or have their families pressurised to pay even more money to the criminal groups involved in human trafficking.

For those few that reach the borders of European countries such as the UK, most face immediate detention and deportation. For the very few that manage to enter these countries, they face a life in the shadows without rights, where suffering and exploitation are never far away, and the journey often ends in tragedy or deportation.

As well as stopping more illegal migrants from getting in, countries are getting increasingly tough on removing those they can find without valid visa documents. The scale of deportation from other countries back to Pakistan is vast. Official figures show that 544,105 Pakistanis were deported from other countries between 2012 and 2017.

Uss Raah Par seeks to educate people about the true risks and adverse effects of unsafe migration and to help people find safer, legal paths to prosperity within their own country or through safe, legal migration.

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