• Instructions on how to travel safe and legally:
  1. Have a valid passport and identity card.
  2. Apply for a visa before traveling.
  3. Keep your travel documents with you.
  4. If you get a job, you should keep the contract and work permit with you.
  5. Beware of fake travel agents! If you intend to travel through a travel agent, check if the agent is registered. For information on registered travel agents visit the Bureau of Immigration and Overseas Employment website: .
  • Before travelling, It is important to know all about your desired destination, for instance:
  1. Language.
  2. Laws and customs.
  3. Your rights as a legal traveller or employee.
  • The three keys to safe travel:
  1. Have ample information about your desired destination before you travel.
  2. Don’t trust anyone blindly. Be vigilant!
  3. Keep your personal documents like passport and ID card with you and don’t hand them over to anyone.

In Pakistan, organisations like the Migrant Resource Centres and the Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment are playing a significant role in guiding people on safe and legal migration. For more information, visit:

Migrant Resource Centre:
Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment:

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